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2017 Palmyra High School
Graduation Awards and Scholarships


The American Legion Post 156 Award:                                                            Certificate & Medal each      

To an outstanding boy and girl in the graduating class for exceptional qualities in leadership, community spirit, scholarship and those traits necessary to preserve our Nation’s Constitution and the American Way of Life.

Recipient: Jessica Goldschmidt & Daniel Edmonds


The Anthony Jewelers Award:                                                                                              $200   

To a college bound student with general academic excellence intending to pursue a business degree.

Recipient: Patrick Sherin


The Band Parents Club Award:                                                                                           $150 each

For students performing with the band who have displayed dedicated service, cooperation and loyalty to the band while displaying high qualities of conduct and leadership.

Recipient: Heather Cryan & James Harris-Wright


The Band Parents Club Sousa Award:                                                                                 $300

The Sousa Award is presented for outstanding achievement and interest in instrumental music, for singular merit in loyalty and cooperation, and displaying those high qualities of conduct which school music strives to impart.

Recipient: Daniel Edmonds


The Band Parent Color Guard Award:                                                                                 $150

Awarded to a student who excels in Palmyra High School Color Guard.

Recipient: Leah Medina


The Barclay Group Scholarship:                                                                                       $250

For an exceptional student who is pursuing a degree in the business field.

Recipient: Natalia Figueroa


The Bob Thomas, a Former Employee, Memorial Award:                                                    $50

To a graduating senior who has maintained the respect of the faculty and their peers for their character and many kindnesses.

Recipient: Cassidy Hoff


The Brian Piccolo, T.J. Martino Award:                                                                              $50

In 1988, Thomas J. Martino, Jr. won the Brian Piccolo Award sponsored by the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of Unico. The award was invested so that a savings bond could be presented to a senior of outstanding character, academic and athletic ability.

Recipient: Hannah Lloren


Burlington County Association of School Business Officials Scholarship:                       $250

Given to a graduating senior for outstanding achievement in Business studies.

Recipient: Patrick Sherin


The Charles Hammond Memorial Scholarship Award:                                                       $525

Presented by the Class of 2004 to a student who is full of ambition and exudes a sense of optimism towards everyone on a consistent basis whether it is a peer, teacher, or family member.  The recipient of this award has a positive attitude that is contagious and the intention of making the most of life with the underlying attitude to not taking anything in life for granted.

Recipient: Justin Soto


Clarence B. Jones “I Have A Dream” Scholarship:                                                             $250

To an outstanding graduating male student who represents excellence in advocacy and public service.  This award is given to a student who comes from a working-class family or a non-traditional family who instills high expectations in their son and who has been accepted to a university or college.

Recipient: Joshua Soto


The Class of 1945 Award:                                                                                                   $250

Presented to a student with a “C” average or above who excels in good citizenship and school spirit.

Recipient: Liza Tait


The Class of 1959 Scholarship:                                                                                          $1,000

Presented to a student from Palmyra or Riverton who is continuing their education in nursing.

Recipient: Sydney Ogozalek


Class Of 1987 Awards In Memory Of Bernard Truitt, Michele Bednarek, Kirk McCombs, Jon Pfeifer & Jeff Nichols:

Bernard Truitt Award:                                                                                                            $700

Bernie was an example of being nice ALL the time.  He always did his best in whatever he set out to do and never had anything negative to say about anyone.  Bernie, a member of the class of 1987, enjoyed playing football and participated in class activities.  He left an impression on the entire class to always be who you are, no matter what the odds were against you!  He never changed who HE was to fit into the crowd.  Times changed, but they never changed him.  Bernie was quiet but powerful, meek yet strong.  He lived life to the fullest.   

Recipient: Jamal Walker


Michele Bednarek Award:                                                                                                     $700

Michele always had a smile on her face and made friends easily.  She loved learning and was very active in many activities in high school, including tennis.  Inducted into the National Honor Society early, she became its President in her senior year.  She was a smart and focused person, who was proud, kind and loving.  She had respect for life without prejudice.  She was a determined feminist and active in environmentalism and animal preservation.  She ultimately graduated with a degree in chemistry from Drexel University.  This award should go to a female who loves science and who is a take-charge, independent person who will pursue her dreams no matter what obstacles lay before her.   

Recipient: Katelyn Hess


Kirk McCombs Award:                                                                                                           $700

Kirk was a strong man who never let his friends down.  He always gave a listening ear and a helping hand.  He smiled at just about everything even if it wasn’t too funny.  He was a true gentleman and kept his head high in everything he did.  Kirk was an avid track star and also played football & basketball.

Recipient: Joshua Soto


Jon Pfeifer Award:                                                                                                                 $700

Jon was a very active band member.  He played the trumpet and was drum major his senior year.  Jon graduated from Boston University in 1991 with a degree in elementary education.  This award should go to a male who represents Palmyra High School in a positive manner and who has been very active with the band.

Recipient: Daniel Edmonds


Jeff Nichols Award:                                                                                                              $700

Jeff was a cornerstone of a group of young men that elevated the Palmyra High School Boys Soccer program to the perennial winner it is today.  Jeff earned himself a starting role on the varsity team from day one as a freshman in 1983 by being a skilled and fierce competitor who gave everything he had for his team and his teammates and retained that role throughout all 4 years of his time at PHS.  The team considered him a brother and was honored to be his teammates for all of those years.  The many memories of the times they shared will always be a focus of personal pride for the Class of 87 team.  Jeff was a small town guy who loved his family and friends.  He was a dedicated soccer player who played by his dad’s side his entire career.  He was well respected on and off the field.  Jeff was married to his wife Lisa and he has 3 beautiful children; Ashley, John and Lily. 

Recipient: Damien Jennings


The Club Ebonettes Award-The Bertha King Morton Memorial Award:                       $100 each       

Awarded to two students who have actively participated in athletics and exhibited a high level of competitiveness.

Recipient: David Lynch & Liza Tait


The Dawson F. Pratt, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Award:                                                     $500   

To a girl or boy who has excelled in track and who will be continuing their education at a 4-year college.

Recipient: Tomara Carmichael (BCIT Student)


Frances Howard Make-a-Difference Memorial Award:                                                       $300

Presented to a student who has exhibited leadership within the school and volunteers in the community helping others. This student is a positive role model for others and is respected by faculty and peers.

Recipient: Jessica Goldschmidt


Friends and Family of Carol Baxter, Class of 1977 Award:                                                $500

A graduating student who demonstrates talent and passion for the visual arts during high school and who wishes to continue their art education in some way, be it college, art school, technical school or private classes.      

Recipient: Heather Cryan


George H. Christie Memorial Scholarship:                                                                       $2,000

To a graduating senior who excelled in English. Grades are not the deciding factor, rather his/her ability to write. The recipient must be able to present ideas in an appropriate cogent, concise manner. Full-time college not required.  Part-time college taking two or more class per semester is acceptable.  Payment to recipient shall be made after proof of registration at college is received.

Recipient: Emily Montgomery


German NHS Award:                                                                                                        $50 each

To a graduating senior who shows outstanding achievement in German studies and tireless promotion of German life and culture outside of the classroom.

Recipient: Daniel Edmonds, Jessica Goldschmidt, & Ryan White


Gwendolyn A. Ricketts Resiliency Scholarship:                                                                $250

To a graduating female student who is a single mom, or is being raised by a single mother, or in a non-traditional family.  This student has shown fortitude and has overcome hardships and remains strong.  She has a love of serving others and is resilient in any situation.  She may not be the most popular or athletic student, but has influenced her peers and her environment in a positive way.

Recipient: Ryan White


The Henry Chellman Memorial Scholarship:                                                                      $250

Presented by the Burlington County Patrolmen’s Beneficial Association, Local #37 based on: 

1.  Citizenship    2.  Character    3.  Active in the community

Recipient: Hannah Lloren


Independence Fire Company #1 Award:                                                                              $200 each

To be awarded to two Palmyra students, a boy and a girl, for community service in Palmyra.           

Recipient: Morgan Ciandella & Kai Jendrzejewski


James Earl Kennedy Marine Corps League Auxiliary of Burlington County Award:              $100

Presented to a graduating senior for the best grades and attendance.

Recipient: Marcus Thompson-Bell


The James Taylor Weart Memorial Award:                                                                           $500

Presented to a senior from Palmyra or Riverton who will be attending a 4-year institution and has been very active currently or historically in community service during their time at Palmyra High School.

Recipient: Sydney Ogozalek


The Jim and Helen Horne, Parents of a Former Student, Memorial Award:                     $100 each

Awarded to a boy and a girl who have at all times shown dedication to sports and academics. The students should also have demonstrated good sportsmanship and respect toward teachers, coaches, teammates, and opponents, they should also be known as team players.

Recipient: Clayton Tennison & Donyelle McFadden-Melvin    


John Marshall, a Former Student, Memorial Award:                                                             $300

An award given to a Palmyra High School wrestler in his senior year who exemplifies the spirit of sportsmanship, dedication, team work and self-sacrifice.

Recipient: Justin Soto


The John Nowicki Memorial Award (Sponsored by PRC Lions Club):                                  $500

This community service award is presented to a good student who has participated in community activities, and/or is associated with organizations that contribute to a better community.

Recipient: Vanessa Livingstone


John Sacca Baseball/Social Studies Award:                                                                       $200

To the most outstanding senior on the varsity baseball team with the highest academic average in social studies for his four years at Palmyra High School.

Recipient: David Lynch


The Jonathan Haaf, a 1982 Graduate, Memorial Award:                                                       $100

This award is given as encouragement to a student graduating from Palmyra High School.

Recipient: Marcus Thompson-Bell


Joshua Lewis Rich Memorial Scholarship:                                                                         $250

To a graduating senior baseball player who is continuing their education in any field.

Recipient: Jamal Walker


Joshua Lewis Rich Memorial Scholarship:                                                                          $250

To a graduating senior who has the qualities of dedication, kindness and school spirit, is active in the community and who is continuing their education in any field.

Recipient: Jessica Goldschmidt


The Julian DeAngelis Class of 2000 Memorial Award for Soccer:                                    $250

To a three-year soccer player who has demonstrated passion for the game.   

Recipient: James Keating


The Kathleen M. Eck Thomas Memorial Scholarship:                                                        $500

For a student going to college or university for a science-related major who is active in school organizations and is strong academically. 

Recipient: Ryan White


Ken Donnahoo, a Former Student, Memorial Award:                                                        $500

To a young man who reflects Ken’s dedication to Palmyra High School and promotes integrity, fitness and outstanding character.

Recipient: Daniel Edmonds


The Kenneth Bye, Former Business Administrator of P.H.S., Memorial Award:             $100

Given to a student who demonstrates serious interest in the performing arts.

Recipient: James Harris Wright


The Kevin P. Sherin Memorial Baseball Award:                                                                  $1,500

Awarded to a graduating baseball player who exemplifies the game’s traditions of hard work, team spirit, humility and fair play.  Success on the field is not a primary concern.  We hope that the recipient will further his education or otherwise apply baseball’s lessons to pursue a successful future.

Recipient: Patrick Sherin


The Ladies Auxiliary of Palmyra Fire Company Mary Taylor Award:                                 $200

To a student who may not have had a high grade point average but is planning to further their education with a junior college, a 4-year college, or trade school.

Recipient: Cassidy Hoff


The Ladies Auxiliary of Palmyra Fire Company Volunteerism Award:                              $200 each

To a student with volunteer hours in the Palmyra community who has maintained a good grade point average and is planning on furthering their education with college or trade school. 

Recipient: Ashley Young & Simone Goodner


The Louis Altieri, Former Student, Memorial Award:                                                         $100

To a graduating senior who reflects Louis’ characteristics, reliability and thoughtfulness towards others.

Recipient: Cassidy Hoff


Mark Millman Class of 1980 Memorial Scholarship:                                                          $500

The recipient should be a male or female who has a dynamic personality and is a friend to all. The student’s enthusiasm for life will take them to their next step of continued education in the field of their choice.

Recipient: Sydney Ogozalek


Mark S. Ebert, a Former Student, Memorial Award:                                                           $200

This award is given in memory of our beloved son and should be awarded to a student in the work experience program who has made the most improvement in his or her grades overall in four years of high school.

Recipient: Jamal Walker


Mary Grous Memorial Band Award:                                                                                      $200

To a graduating senior in good academic standing who participates in Marching and Concert Band.  As a band parent and long-time Executive Board Member of the Palmyra Band Parents’ Association, Mary always worked hard for the band members.

Recipient: Natalia Figueroa


Palmyra Borough Council Award:                                                                                         $150

Presented to two students from Palmyra with the highest scholastic standing for four years in social studies. Good citizenship is also a criterion.  

Recipient: Vanessa Livingstone & Sydney Ogozalek


The Palmyra High School Football Booster Club Award:                                                   $100

This award is given to a student who has been a member of the team for two or more years.  This student athlete exemplifies character, sportsmanship and the true meaning of a team player.

Recipient: Garrett Tetzloff


Palmyra High School Student Council Award:                                                                    $50 each

To student leaders who have served on council for at least two years and whose service to the organization has been excellent.

Recipients: Morgan Ciandella, Natalia Figueroa, Jessica Goldschmidt, Ciahna Gordon,

Emily Montgomery    


Palmyra High School Student Council Leadership Award:                                                 $100 each

Awarded to the outstanding student leader who has served on council for at least two years and has exceeded all expectations.

Recipients: Vanessa Livingstone & Liza Tait


Palmyra High School Interact Service Award:                                                                     $100 each

These awards are given by the Palmyra High School Interact Club. The recipients of this award are graduating senior members of the Interact Club who have reflected unselfish “service above self” for the school and the local community.

Recipient: Emily Montgomery & Liza Tait


Palmyra Junior Wrestling Award:                                                                                         $100

Given to a Palmyra wrestler for his dedication to wrestling and participation in the Palmyra wrestling program.

Recipient: Clayton Tennison


Palmyra Panthers Youth Association of Burlington County:                                             $100 each

Awarded to a boy who has come up through the Palmyra Panthers Youth Association and should be an A or B student.    

Recipient: Garrett Tetzloff, David Lynch

Awarded to a girl who has come up through the Pop Warner Cheerleading Program and should be an A or B student.    

Recipient: Vanessa Livingstone


The Palmyra Players Theater Club Award:                                                                          $200 each

Awarded to Palmyra Players Cast Members for dedication, leadership, outstanding achievement and interest in theatre, for singular merit in loyalty and cooperation. The student is known for promoting the love of craft, mentoring and for displaying those high qualities of conduct, which the Palmyra Players strive to develop and support.

Recipient: Jessica Goldschmidt & James Harris-Wright


Palmyra Police Association, Inc. Award:                                                                                 $250 each

To one boy and one girl who have shown the most overall improvement during their four years at Palmyra High School both academically and socially, and will be pursuing a career in law enforcement or the military.

Recipient: Jenna Kearney & Kai Jendrzejewski


Palmyra PTA Ambassador Award:                                                                                         $150 each

Given to two boys and two girls who have attended Palmyra High School for 4 years and are Palmyra residents. Students must have a minimum 3.0 grade point average, exhibit school spirit and have participated in school activities. They must be accepted into a 2 or 4-year college program, school of nursing or a technical school.

Recipient: Vanessa Livingstone & Liza Tait, Daniel Edmonds & Damien Jennings


The Palmyra-Riverton-Cinnaminson Rotary Award:                                                           $500 each

Presented to two students who will be attending a trade school or vocational school.

Recipient: Yasmeen Plaza & Jamal Walker


The Palmyra-Riverton-Cinnaminson Rotary Award                                                         $500 each

Presented to a someone who is an Interact Student with a solid academic record.

Recipient: Jessica Goldschmidt, James Harris-Wright, Emily Montgomery, Sydney Ogozalek, Liza Tait, & Ashley Young


Palmyra-Riverton Soccer Club’s Billy Carr, Former Student, Memorial Award:              $200 each

Presented to a student who has played both for Palmyra High School and the Palmyra Riverton Soccer Association that has been both a good student and a team player.

Recipient: Liza Tait & Damien Jennings


The Patricia Eck-Withrow, from the Class of 1970, Memorial Award:                               $500

Presented to a graduating senior who has developed admirably in leadership, character, service and citizenship while attending Palmyra High School. The student should be a “quiet leader” involved in many school activities and is admired by faculty.

Recipient: Ashley Young


Patrick S. Gilmore Band Award:                                                                                            $200

For outstanding achievement in instrumental music, dedication and high qualities of conduct.

Recipient: Jessica Goldschmidt


Patrolman Thomas C. Whitelock Memorial Award:                                                             $300

Given to a graduating senior planning to pursue a career in criminal justice. In memory of Officer Thomas Whitelock of the Riverton Police Department who was killed in the line of duty in 1976.

Recipient: Jenna Kearney


The P.E.A. Award:                                                                                                                    $500   

The Palmyra Education Association Award is presented to a graduate who best reflects the philosophy of the P.E.A. Membership that education is the most precious, enduring gift that we, as educators, can give our children.

Recipient: Katelyn Hess


The Peggy Haines/Perkins Memorial Award:                                                                       $250

A student with high academic standing who will be pursuing a career in education, and will also have been active in school and community.

Recipient: Jessica Goldschmidt


PHS Soccer Booster Club Award:                                                                                         $50 each

Awarded to graduating athletes who have demonstrated a commitment to the Palmyra High School soccer program through their senior year.  This award is funded by the parents who support the endeavors of the Palmyra High School soccer program.

Recipient: Jessica Goldschmidt, Katelyn Hess, Kai Jendrzejewski, Damien Jennings, James Keating, Hannah Lloren, Mia McEvoy, Liza Tait, & Clayton Tennison


The Porch Club of Riverton Award:                                                                                     $100

One award to a female student maintaining a “B” average, generally an all-around student exemplifying leadership qualities and one who participate in extracurricular activities and having good moral character.

Recipient: Simone Goodner


Renaissance Club Award:                                                                                                      $200

Given to a senior with outstanding character, school spirit, behavior, attendance and who puts forth solid, consistent effort in everything they undertake.

Recipient: Jocelyn Plaza


The Riverton Board of Education Award:                                                                            $200   

For the Riverton student graduating from Palmyra High School with the highest grade point average.

Recipient: Michael Longstreth


Riverton Free Library Award:                                                                                               $300

For an Interact Club member who exemplifies the spirit of volunteerism.

Recipient: Emily Montgomery


Riverton PTO Achievement Award:                                                                                     $100

To a graduating senior who attended the Riverton School and shows leadership in both academics and in extra-curricular activities

Recipient: Kai Jendrzejewski


Riverton School Award (Riverton Education Association):                                              $100   

To a student who has attended Riverton Elementary School and has shown outstanding service to Palmyra High School.

Recipient: Elizabeth Warnock


The Robert Olmstead Memorial Award:                                                                              $500

Presented in memory of Bobby Olmstead, a 1997 graduate of Palmyra High School, to a student who has overcome odds. In loving memory of Bobby Olmstead and his enduring strength of character.

Recipient: Ryan White


Robert S. Patchel Memorial Scholarship Award:                                                                $250

To a boy/girl who excels in soccer and maintains a “B” in math for at least three years.

Recipient: Jessica Goldschmidt


Spanish NHS Award:                                                                                                              $50 each

For a student who excels in Spanish language and culture and has a heart for service.

Recipient: Emily Montgomery & Ashley Young


Special Achievement Award:                                                                                                $50 each

Presented to a senior for growth during their four years at Palmyra High School.       

Recipient: Cassidy Hoff & Kai Jendrzejewski


The Steven Yoslov Memorial Award:                                                                                   $100

To a graduating senior who will be attending a 4-year college or university who excels in history.

Recipient: Michael Longstreth


Taylor Kirby, a Former Principal of P.H.S., Memorial Award:                                             $25

To an all-around good student respected by faculty and peers.

Recipient: Mia McEvoy


Tennis Coaches Award:                                                                                                         $100

To one female student who shows passion for academics and the sport of tennis.

Recipient: Ryan White


Tillicum Outstanding Achievement Award:                                                                          $200

Recipient must be a member of Tillicum staff his/her senior year who shows outstanding commitment to capturing the spirit of Palmyra High School in the yearbook. The recipient should be someone who is dedicated to producing an excellent yearbook and willing to put in significant effort, and is a leader among Tillicum staff by being dependable, courteous and motivated.

Recipient: Aneshia Kemp


The Tri-Boro Track Award:                                                                                                     $200

Awarded to a Palmyra High School track athlete who has participated with Tri-Boro Track Club and has run for four years with Palmyra High School.  This deserving senior has shown leadership and commitment to excellence on and off the field.           

Recipient: Damien Jennings


Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 3020, Award:                                                                     $250 each   

Presented to two boys and two girls who must receive the recommendation of the high school principal, must be identified as in need of financial assistance, be planning to attend either a college or technical school, and have maintained a “C” average during the last semester of his/her senior year.

Recipients: Michael Longstreth, Damien Jennings, Katelyn Hess, & Mia McEvoy








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