Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a plan to keep all my children scheduled to attend on the same days regardless of which school they attend?

A: It is the goal to keep siblings on the same days for family support, scheduling, and of course, child care. The intent is to provide older students the opportunity to drop off or pick up younger siblings at Charles Street School in our walking community.

Q: Do I need to choose the same method of learning for all of my children?

A: No, you may make the decision for each child in their best interest. (remote/hybrid)

Q: Is there an option for me to choose what cohort is preferred?

A: No, but every effort will be made to honor parent's special requests for cohort choice.

Q: Do I need a special reason to choose 100% remote learning?

A: No, it is unconditional per Executive Order by Governor Murphy.

Q: Will the remote learners be in their own cohort or mixed in the same classes along with the in-person cohorts? 

A: Remote learners will be mixed in an on-line cohort with in-person students so they can collaborate.

Q: What is the “modified” school day?

A: The daily instructional time is 4 hours for both models. (remote/hybrid)

Q: Will my child be able to contact the teacher with a question?

A: Yes, there is time scheduled each day for LIVE teacher contact. Teachers will provide further guidance for contacting them individually.

Q: Will the teachers be in the school Building like they were before COVID-19?

A: Based on the most current guidance received from the NJDOE, NJDOH, and CDC, all staff will be expected to be on-campus for the duration of the contracted workday unless otherwise directed by the Superintendent or his designee. Requests made by a staff member for a specific accommodation will be reviewed and action determined in accordance with applicable laws and board policies.

Q: Is there a Winter season for sports?

A: Yes.  Additional guidance from NJSIAA on sports seasons is forthcoming.  Please see the Athletics page for more information.

Q: Will all students be required to wear a mask?

A:  Yes.  Each day, a student is required to wear a mask and should also bring an extra mask in the event it is needed.  Each school has sufficient supplies of masks if a student should need one.  All belongings, especially masks, should be labeled with the student's name/grade. A great suggestion has been a lanyard for the mask so that they do not lay it down somewhere.

Q: Will children have to wear the masks at their desks for the whole classroom time? 

A: Yes.  Students will be required to wear masks throughout the entire school day. 

Q: Are temperatures being taken upon entry into the building?

A: Yes. Students will be screened using a contactless thermometer.  A student with a temperature greater than 100.4F cannot remain at school.

Q: Will students use their Chromebooks during hybrid (in-person) instruction?

A: Yes.  Students need to bring their Chromebooks to school each day.  Chromebooks must be fully charged before arriving at school.

Q: Will instruction include live and Pre-recorded lessons? 

A: Yes.  A full wraparound approach to instruction that is inclusive of live and recorded instruction, supported with technology, print, and other resources, will be utilized when the district resumes in-person instruction. The use of Learning Management Systems (LMS) and the Google Suite will further assist teachers, students, and parents so that a regular routine with meaningful instruction is provided daily. The staff has received and continues to receive training as they adapt to a multi-method platform of instruction.

Q: Will the students be logged onto the computer following what the teacher is teaching to the students in the classroom?

 A: There will be a mixture of synchronous (live) and asynchronous (independent) instruction. Students will have access to teachers during the day based on a schedule.

Q: What is the reason for split instruction?

 A: To provide for a safe and equitable learning opportunity for all of our students while complying with NJ Department of Education, NJ Department of Health, and CDC guidelines the most adaptable and practicable model for the Palmyra School District is to provide in-person instruction using a split-cohort model.  Students not receiving in-person instruction will receive instruction remotely.

Q: Are the students getting textbooks and workbooks?

A: Most of our textbooks and supporting materials are now available electronically, if print materials are needed or required for instruction each student must have their own copy (cannot share resources). Again, these practices are being put into place using NJDOE, NJDOH, and CDC guidelines for the safety of our students.

Q: Will driver's Education be accessible online?

A: Yes.  Students will receive instruction either on-line or in-person depending on their placement.

Q: My child has an IEP. If we decide to do the virtual school option how will they receive services?

A: Students who have an IEP or 504 will continue to receive all supports and services outlined in those documents. The child's case manager will serve as the primary contact for assisting parents and students with these services.

Q: If we decide to switch from virtual to in-person learning at some point, what does that look like?

A: Specific directions for applying to move from one model to the other are located on the RETURN page of the website.  Once the application is completed the building principal will be in contact with the parent. 

Q: If a family decides to do a cohort hybrid plan and somewhere in the future decides it isn't best for the family/child - can the child switch to fully virtual?

A: Yes.  Specific directions for applying to move from one model to the other are located on the RETURN page of the website. Once the application is completed the building principal will be in contact with the parent.

Q: Is there going to be an option for the teacher to remove their mask to teach letter sounds & reading?

A: We are exploring the use of masks that have a clear area, as well as the pre-recording of certain lessons so that the students can watch with the teacher and then practice. No doubt, there will need to be modifications to the existing practices given the impact of the pandemic.

Q: What is the classroom capacity going to be?

A: Classroom capacity includes social distancing of 6ft between students.  Each room has a specified capacity amount based on usable square footage in combination with social distancing.   

Q: What is the actual plan for if/when a student/teacher tests positive? Contact tracing was mentioned, would that mean you would have to wait for notification through an outside contact tracing program and NOT via the school?

 A: In the event, a student or staff member tests positive or has been determined to have been in close contact with a person who is confirmed COVID-19 positive, that person will be required to quarantine and/or isolate in accordance with protocols established by the Burlington County Health Department.  Notification may be made by either the Health Department, the district, or both depending on the situation.

Q: What happens if a student or staff in the school gets COVID-19 – does that mean the entire school shuts down?

A: Protocols for managing a student or staff member who tests positive for COVID-19 will be in accordance with directives the district will receive from the Burlington County Health Department. 

Q: During the spring learning, my child shut down and became emotionally withdrawn, didn’t want to talk to friends, or even facetime them. Can you advise what support the guidance counselor will be able to provide and or resources? Can they do a zoom meeting if needed with my child? How has this resource been utilized since the pandemic began? What is the counselor's role during these tumultuous times?

A: School counselors (guidance, social worker, and school psychologists) receive specific training in the areas of social-emotional learning, crisis, trauma, etc. Our counselors are able to provide limited support in the educational setting. A parent should immediately consult their family physician if a child is experiencing significant and/or concerning emotional distress. School counselors can provide in-person or remote assistance to students and parents. School counselors may serve as the first-tier support for students with the ability to provide assistance to parents in securing higher-tier support for their child. During these difficult times, school counselors, nurses, teachers, and other school professionals can assist students and parents to a certain level before more extensive intervention is required from a clinician and/or physician.

Q: How will meals be provided?

A: All students are eligible for free breakfast and lunch meals.  Please see our Website for additional information.  Meals will not be served (consumed) during school hours, but rather provided for students on specific days in sufficient quantities to take home.  

Q: If a food insecure student opts for @home learning, will meals be available for pickup?

A: Yes.  Meals will be available for all students.