Restart and Recovery Committee Members

Brian McBride – Superintendent
Amy Austin – BOE Member/parent Bill Blatchley –Business Administrator
Chris Tracey – CSS Principal Judy Belton – BOE Member/parent
Lisa Sabo – PHS Principal Ken Holloway – PMS Principal
Lianne Kane –Supervisor of Student Services Stacy Saia – Supervisor of Curriculum & Instruction
Mike Papenberg – Athletic Director Dave Ritchie – Director of Technology
Ron Holt – Facilities Director Jay Toscano – PHS Assistant Principal
Omar Kendall–School Resource Officer (PPD) Rob Reimer – Technology Support
Lynn Mills –PEA Pres/Elem Teacher Kathy McClure – School Nurse
Rick Gunning –Safety Officer Karen DeCesare – Middle/HSTeacher
Kristin Tyler – CSS Lead Teacher Rick Dreby – Palmyra OEM
Natashia Latimore – Parent Jenn Walter – Special Ed Teacher
Olivia Falicki – Student 12th Grade Lisa Jablonski–Confidential Admin Assistant
Kayla Latimore – Student 11th Grade Andrew Yansick- Student Body President -PHS
Joe Russell-Student Rep to BOE-10th Grade Madelyn Carr – Student 7th Grade