Palmyra High School Events & Photos

Mr. PHS event poster 2023

Chap-sa Lim is Mr. PHS 2023

best legs winner

The full group of participants!

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Advisors Martino & Jones with Mr. PHS
advisors Martino & Jones with Peoples Choice winner

the dress that clinched it for sure!

backstage moment

talent with Wil

shoe moment pink & blue

formal with alex

our hosts

Ta Dah with the formal escort

hamming it up at the end

PHS HoMeCoMinG 2022

Seniors starbucks cup with mrs. nevitts face on the mermaid

HoCo 2022 bulletin board

Juniors hallway surfboards and sandcastles

bbq dad ks

Mr. DiMartino portrayed as a football player in Senior Halls

The week's themes from StuCo

bbq dad pair

bbq dad mt

grill prepared for spirit week

senior hallway loaded with autumn items

Decorating the Halls!

an outstanding tradition

human faced turkey

Senior Hallway nevitts door down

tennis/soccer mom & bbq dad nevitts in the hall

Seniors hallway with Ms. Torrance as a witch

Juniors Hallway summer beach theme class of 2024

Panther GUARDING the hallway for Juniors

Nahrwold Class Advisor 2024 rolling up the boardwalk!

Early Judges in the Senior Hallway

junior names on beach balls with PALM trees

Sophomore Hallway Banner

Class of 2025 Hallway Polar Express

Gingerbread House of Miller in 2025 Hallway

if you have photos to add from the event: email Mrs. J!!!

Let it snow! in German on the German door

Snow in the pit hallway sophomores!

Freshman: a breath of spring

spring takes over the trophy case

frosh blossom made of paper