13 Things School Board Members wish People knew About them

The August Meeting will take place in the Charles Street School Auditorium- please use the #9 Walnut Street Doors for access.

This evening's meeting will include two public presentations, one from Garrison Architects on proposed District projects and one from Dr. Peter Lutchko on NJGPA & EOY 2023 Data.  The agenda is located here.

There will be two closed sessions, one at the early part of the meeting and one at the end.  During these times, the broadcast will be paused as the board meets out of the room on confidential matters- as noted in the agenda.  

We are grateful to our Palmyra Board of Education for their time and efforts to help Palmyra Students become critical thinkers, creative achievers, and compassionate community members.

We post this helpful graphic annually from the NJSBA that describes the 13 Things School Board Members wish that people knew about them to help familiarize the community with the parameters that the volunteer members of the Board of Education operate within.  Although it is a reprint from 2018, the rules have remained the same for this special group of school leaders.  

Please take a moment to review the short list of rules in the graphic that include the Code of Ethics for School Board Members.  They look forward to active community members participating in the process and hope that they inform themselves of the mechanics of how a board meeting works.  #7 on the article states: "At school board meetings, the public comment period is for the members of the public to comment, not engage in a discussion with board members." 

There are guidelines available at the sign-in desk for the meeting should a member of the public wish to speak this evening. #PalmyraProud of our community.