Bond Talks Graphic with photo of Ms. Sabo in the Auditorium

This video located on our REFERENDUM page is  part of an ongoing series started by our Interim Superintendent, Mr. Mark Pease.

Today's feature includes a video interview with PHS Principal, Ms. Lisa Sabo speaking on the proposed changes to the PHS Auditorium & Stage.

Along with the video, Mr. Pease just received a letter of support from an ALUMNI speaking specifically of renovations to our historic 102 year old auditorium.   Alumni, Justin Sherin of the PHS Class of 1999 had this to share in his letter:

" ...Theatre sets people free in countless ways. Where else can you practice close reading,

writing, rhetoric, music, movement, and visual art at once? It demands vivid imagination,
mental and physical sharpness, conquering fears. You find what’s unique and compelling
in your personality, and use it to step outside your experience. You have to trust your
colleagues. The show runs on discipline, and above all you need to listen. Because
without listening—to each other and the audience—nothing will happen.
Two thousand years after the Greeks invented our tradition, the theatre is still an
unparalleled mechanism for self-examination and life skills. 

My ex-colleagues from PHS and elsewhere include a Navy pilot, a Marine pilot, a dancer, a school bus driver, several lawyers and teachers, a judge, a personal trainer, a real estate agent, a grocery store manager, a stay-at-home mother, and the guy who plans New Year’s Eve in Times
Square!  When I teach, I’ve seen shy ten-year-olds leave the room taller, chattier, less afraid
of their peers and themselves. Maybe they never step on a stage again. But they’ve
learned something.
The theatre has a way of guiding people to the right door. I want every PHS student to
have their best chance at finding it....
" Justin Sherin- PHS Class of 1999 went on to say:

"...The auditorium is tough on audiences, too. It’s cold in winter, hot in summer. You can’t see from the back with a flat floor, and it’s difficult to hear untrained voices.  The March 12, 2024 bond referendum promises to fix this. There will be a new stage withan orchestra pit; energy efficient lights and rigging to make magic with; a sound system to ensure nothing gets lost. Sightlines will improve by restoring the original 1909 raked seating. New HVAC will keep everyone comfortable.  The referendum is a district-wide plan to keep a generation of kids safe and dry, ready to learn and compete with other schools. A modern auditorium is vital to that. Everything is possible in the theatre. Palmyra students deserve a place to dream, play, and develop skills that will serve them in all walks of life.  I encourage you to vote yes."

#PalmyraProud of ALUMNI 
#PalmyraProud of our talented middle & high school students!
#PalmyraProud of our plans to GROW! 

Help us Grow! Vote on March 12, 2024.