School Referendum-slated for March 12, 2024



Welcome to our School Referendum Page! 

The Palmyra Board of Education is thrilled to unveil our proposed changes to our facilities for our most deserving staff and students.  These proposed changes were discussed at our August 30th Board of Education by our Architect of Record, Mr. Bob Garrison. 

In the spring of 2021, Mr. Garrison began meeting with various stakeholders to gain further insight into our current needs.  In short, Mr. Garrison learned we needed to add more space and security to our existing facilities along with replacing various school building systems that have reached beyond their useful life. From there, our Finance & Facilities Committee, our Central Office Administration, our Administrative Team, School Facilities & Maintenance Staff and Mr. Garrison began meeting to discuss which projects to include in the referendum.  After much discussion and debate, all stakeholders reached an agreement in early August of 2023 on the proposed projects.

bOND REFERENDUM PLANS showing the phs school plans

Palmyra High | Palmyra Middle School Building

Some of the highlights of the proposed improvements at the Palmyra High School | Middle School include:

  • moving our current Main Office and Guidance Offices to a central location down by our current school library

  • renovating our auxiliary gym (the Pit) to make it more functional for our gym classes

  • bumping out our school cafeteria to provide our students with more room

  • adding four new classrooms (within our previous Main and Guidance Offices),

  • adding a non-cinder new running track! 

Charles Street School Building

At the Charles Street School, some of our proposed changes include:

  • a new roof on the 1949 wing

  • a new roof on the 1962 wing

  • and a new roof on the 1992 wing

  • a new main entrance/ security vestibule and subsequent office relocation,

  • a new playground with a poured padded, protective surface,

  • new fire alarm system

  • a new HVAC System for the 1992 Classroom wing.

students peeking in through doors of closed school building

empty classroom at CSS before furniture 2022

garrison architects drawings for changes at Charles Street School with renderings

Delaware Avenue School Building

You may have noticed that we do not have any proposed changes to the Delaware Avenue School (Preschool Learning Center). 

The district has used funds from various funding sources at no impact to the taxpayer since last spring to make the building more suitable for five (5) new preschool classes.  We are excited that our students and staff have started the year in five new renovated classrooms!

DAS view from door 1 2023 trees, lawn mid-century building and ugly sign

In addition, we applied for two Regular Operating District (ROD) Grants in the spring of 2023 (Preschool ROD Grant and an NJDOE Round-5 ROD Grant).  The Preschool ROD Grant would provide the Board of Education with 40% of the total cost of additional improvements to the Delaware Ave School (3 more renovated PK Classrooms). The NJDOE Round-5 ROD Grant would provide the Board of Education with 40% of the total cost of a partial roof replacement and masonry restoration at the Palmyra High School / Middle School.

Please select the link below to access the Power Point presented by Mr. Garrison at the August 30th Board of Education Meeting.  The Power Point will provide a list of all of the proposed projects with illustrations of the proposed floor plans.

The Referendum Vote will be March 12 of 2024.  Please mark your calendars!  We are so #Palmyra Proud!  Thank you!

Palmyra Board of Education