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I moved here from Argentina when I was in the 2nd grade. I was an ELL but have since made my way to Eastampton, where I live with my husband and our two boys.  We also have our two rescue dogs!  I’m a big time Yogi and I love podcasts and will gladly take recommendations!

On the educational side, I graduated from TCNJ with a Bachelor's in Psychology, The University of Scranton with a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, and Concordia-Irvine with a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. I began my career in Elementary school as a third grade teacher. I also taught Kindergarten and K-5 Basic Skills for ELA and Math.  My favorite role as a teacher was as an instructional coach specializing in Climate and Culture.  I began my administrative career as a middle school assistant principal, where I also supervised ESL and World Language, and middle school Social Studies, Intervention, and Math.