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How School Budgets Work

How school finance works

NJ School Finance 101 Understanding Palmyra's Cut

In case you missed our BoE TownHall Open Session on April 10th, here's the link to the presentation that explains what happened at the State level with our District Budget.

photo shows success in appeal regarding our state aid

Information on our REDUCTION in STATE Aid

On April 5, 2024, our appeal to the New Jersey Department of Education for a recalculation of our Equalization Aid was successful. The New Jersey Department of the Treasury confirmed that the District Income used to calculate our State Aid was incorrect.

On behalf of the Board of Education and the staff we would like to thank you for your continued support and advocacy for change. It was your voices that made a difference.

Previously reported & now resolved:

State Aid numbers were released to all school districts on February 29, 2024.  Unfortunately, our State Aid was reduced by $1,070,732 for the 2024-2025 school year.  Here are the facts to this:

Palmyra School District had a reduction in Equalization Aid.  You can read how the state calculates that number here. School Finance 101 - New Jersey School Boards Association Please read the section titled "How much should a local school district pay" for information on this number. 


The Support Our Students (SOS) coalition of school districts throughout the state being negatively impacted by the reduction in state adjustment aid shall advocate with our legislators, and convey our message to the public to ensure that ALL 1.4 million students in New Jersey receive the quality education that they deserve and are entitled to in accordance with the state’s mandate for a thorough and efficient education. This effort shall include supporting increased state aid for those districts who have been underfunded.

SOS support our students

Our effort shall be sustained and inclusive of all stakeholders focusing on outcomes that result in educational services and programming being maintained for our school communities while seeking fiscally responsible solutions.

Singleton Legislation to address school funding cuts

Mr. Pease & Members of the Palmyra BOE will be meeting virtually with Senator Troy Singleton this Friday, March 22nd. Please see the press release about legislation to address school funding cuts.

portrait photo of Senator Troy Singleton

Senator Singleton's Response to Advocacy Emails from the Palmyra Community

I was extremely disappointed to learn that several school districts in our legislative district had a drastic reduction in funding in the Governor’s budget proposal. However, it is important to note that the Governor’s budget is just that - a proposal, as it must go through the legislative approval process by July 1st.