Palmyra School District Construction Updates

Week #2 Summer

the window hole is now cut for the security vestibule at DAS

Major changes to the walls at Delaware Avenue School

CSS roof filled with supplies & a team of specialists

Rooftop replacement project begins at CSS

supplies being lifted by crane to the roof of PHS/MS

Board Offices move into PHS & the PHS Rooftop replacement begins

Week #1 Summer

DAS gym filled with classroom furniture & office furniture

Clearing of classrooms for cleaning & moves

CSS front facade after sunset with equipment located in driveway for construction

Arrival of equipment for the CSS rooftop replacements

graduation inside setup & teardown

Setup & teardown of graduation & end of school year programs

Palmyra School District Construction being managed by Greyhawk.

Click HERE for the Presentation that Greyhawk gave at the June 12th Board of Education meeting.

company logo with a bird drawing & greyhawk superimposed in green

2023 photo of Matt Curtis Stadium shot from across field

Matt Curtis Stadium- cFall 2023

2024 photo of Matt Curtis Stadium from across field after renovations

Matt Curtis Stadium- Spring 2024

Spring 2024

  • Matt Curtis Stadium UPDATES

  • funding source: District Maintenance Reserve Accounts

Historic Matt Curtis Stadium opened to the public in 1939. On May 7th, 2024 the Garrison Design Team, including WJ Gross contractor, Kevin Walls & John McCullough, engineers, conducted a final field visit with our District Team. This project began last October & included among other things, repair of deteriorating concrete, rail post reinforcements, expansion joint updating, power-washing & painting.

Shiny & safe for our Spring Track events & our upcoming graduation for the class of '24!