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Mark Pease
Interim Superintendent
856-786-9300 x1013
Jay Toscano
Business Administrator
856-786-9300 x1011
Patricia Holt
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
856-786-9300 x1013
Kimberly Allen
856-786-9300 x1000
Lisa Jablonski
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent-MEDIA
856-786-9300 x1015
Diane Torres
Administrative Assistant to BA
856-786-9300 x1009
Florencia Norton
Curriculum & Instruction Director
856-786-9300 x1002
Nayda Rivera
Payroll and Benefits
856-786-9300 x1010
Peter Lutchko
Coordinator of Data Analysis, Instructional Technology, Assessment & Accountability
856-786-9300 x1008
Lianne Kane
Director of Student Services
856-786-9300 x4001
Helene Mantagas
Child Study Team (CST) Secretary
856-786-9300 x4001
Alex Brown
CST School Psychologist- Elementary Case Manager
Child Study Team
856-786-9300 x1006
Karyn Frengs
CST School Psychologist for Grades 9-11
Child Study Team
856-786-9300 x1003
Christine Gilliss
Speech Language Pathologist
Child Study Team
856-786-9300 x
Kent Mac Dougall
CST Social Worker Out-of-District Students & 12th grade
Child Study Team
856-786-9300 x1020
Selina Delgado
CST Occupational Therapist
Child Study Team
856-786-9300 x2116
Valerie Anderson
CST Physical Therapist, DPT
Child Study Team
856-786-9300 x2116
Christopher Adams
Technology Coordinator
856-786-9300 x1027
Joshua Robinson
Technology Specialist
856-786-9300 x1028
Aiden Haines
Education Technology Specialist
856-786-9300 x2141