array of school supplies with info about links to web locations

Greetings Palmyra Families!  School Supply Lists have been out on our website most of the summer, but here’s a reminder about their web locations.

  • Charles Street School (Preschool through 5thGrade) has a link on their homepage in the red buttons marked SUPPLY LISTS 2022-23.
  • Palmyra Middle School (6th-8th Grades) has a link on their homepage in the red buttons marked MIDDLE SCHOOL BACKPACK & the supply list is in that “backpack”
  • Palmyra High School (9th-12thGrades) have lists on each teacher’s website – teachers are listed on the individual student's OnCourse Schedules.  It would be impossible to list the breakdown of all the subject’s requirements here BUT it is safe to say that every high school student will need:
    • At least one binder- more depending on the year’s subjects
    • Looseleaf paper              
    • notebooks/copybooks
    • Sharpened pencils         
    • Pens                    
    • Highlighters
    • Padlock for gym locker (main locker locks provided by school) & an extra deodorant

Our District Webpage includes a new tab at the top marked 2022-23 NEED TO KNOW. You can find the information above and much more- it will be like a Pinterest for Parents of Palmyra this year.

Some past helpful hints from our Palmyra PTA:

  • Sharpened pencils for students of ALL ages are a huge help in the classroom- any chance to sharpen at home allows for less distraction in class.
  • Buy extras now while the prices in stores are geared towards back to school- it comes in handy all year long & saves money in the long run.
  • Teachers always appreciate tissues- classes go through them so quickly.

In related news: New Jersey’s 10-day sales tax holiday begins today, Saturday, August 27th & runs for 10 days until September 5th.  Items that will not include sales tax until September 5th include school supplies, school art supplies, sports or recreational equipment, school instructional materials, school computer supplies priced at less than $1,000, and computers with a sales price of less than $3,000.  The tax holiday applies to both in-person and online sales and there is no limit on how many eligible items an individual customer may purchase during the sales tax holiday.

School Starts on Tuesday, September 6th, our teachers & 10-month staff return this week for training & classroom setups. Enjoy these last few days of summer- we will be #PalmyraProud to be greeting everyone on the 6th.