Middle School Spelling Team with bees and wax on graphic

The PMS Spelling Bee Team consisting of (L-R) Joshua Carter, Ueder Alves DeSousa, Zaria Welch, Milana Sanders and Mason Blandford, led by Miss Wallace showed up and showed out in the Knights of Columbus 8th Grade Regional Spelling Bee!

Forty students from ten middle schools participated in this year’s event.  

  • In the 18th round there were 10 students left and Joshua, Mason, and Ueder were among them. 
  • The 19th round with 5 students left, and we had Mason and Ueder still standing.

Mason then received honorable mention. 

  • In the 20th round it was down to 4 students. These students would be awarded prizes from $25 to $100. 

Ueder Alves DeSousa captured 2nd place and received $75! We are truly #PALMYRA PROUD!!!! Congratulations to the entire team!