photo of portrait of Clarence B Jones '49 with door open into library with students inside

Palmyra High School Class of 1949's most famous alumni made an appearance in the high-profile ads during Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday February 11th!

Early on in the broadcast, you may have seen the ad, sponsored by the Foundation to Combat Antisemitism (FCAS), an organization begun by Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots.  The commercial featured Dr. Clarence B. Jones '49 in a book-filled study imagining what he might write today for his "dear friend, Martin."  (Referring to his participation in the famous "I Have A Dream" speech made by his friend, Civil Rights Leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)

"The people who will change the Nation are those who speak out!"

The commercial, valued at roughly 7million dollars for its time slot, closed  with "When we stand up to silence, we stand up to ALL hate."  We are grateful that Mr. Kraft recognizes the thoughtful career of our 1949 Valedictorian.  The Palmyra Sun is running an article on the SuperBowl ad and Dr. Jones here.  

Our own cover photo shows the portrait of Dr. Jones that was created by students in Mr. Dan Licata's US History II Honors class that worked to bring Dr. Jones back to PHS to speak to the student body in 2017.  (Artists included PHS students from the class of 2018: Jacob Wolfe, Sean Stocker, Brett Maute, Carolyn VanArtsdalen & Jenelle Belton along with Art Teacher, Mr. Michael Budden) During the 2017 visit the unnamed school library was dedicated in his name.

the SuperBowl Ad


the Library today

a closeup of the plaque, donated by the class of 1947 to commemorate the accomplishments of Dr. Clarence Benjamin Jones.   #PalmyraProud  #StandUptoALLhate