css fitness day event reminder with cartoon kids outside

Fitness Day Grand Marshall, Mr. Coppola, has shared the details for Fitness Day happenings. He has even translated it into our 3 additional languages: Portuguese, Punjabi & Spanish so that everyone is clear on the things to remember:

  • All students should wear sunscreen & it should be applied AT HOME to ensure good coverage.

  • All students MUST wear sneakers! This is the official shoe of the Fitness Day Events.

  • All students should wear their assigned class color &/or their official event shirts.

  • All students are encouraged to bring water bottles CLEARLY LABELED with their names/ grade

  • All students are encouraged to wear hats

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: ONLY Registered Adult Volunteers May Attend & MUST wear the official badge for the day. No adults without badges will be allowed on the fields. If events move inside, RED BADGES will not be allowed in, only GREEN badges.

Fitness Day operates on the HALF-DAY schedule, with fitness stations running from 8:45 until 12:25. Dismissal will be as usual, from classrooms, at 12:45.

CSS FITNESS DAY events poster with 3 translations of kids playing outsideand.................as a refresher..........................here's the breakdown of grade colors:

fitness day tshirt colors shown by grade on a rainbow background