Science Fair Winners step up!

Interim Principal, Ken Holloway and retiring teacher, Steve Graff celebrated the winners of the CSS Science Fair with ribbons & summer scientist kits.  We are #PalmyraProud of our student scientists and inventors.

The participants in this year's Science Fair were:

Category: Kindergarten & 1st Grade

  • Mia Jenkins | Kindergarten | Fizzy Potions
  • Jaxson Spiker |  1st Grade |  Baking Soda Volcano
  • FIRST PLACE Winner:  Ny  D. | 1st Grade |  Waterproof or Not?

Category: 2nd Grade

  •  Fiona Rivera | Marble Run
  • FIRST PLACE Winner:  Rylynn Bishop | Why is Salt Used to De-ice Roads? 
  • Maliah Lucena |  Magic Pepper and Soap Experiment
  • SECOND PLACE Winner: Olivia Corbett | Design a School Project 

 Category: 3rd Grade

  • FIRST PLACE Winner: Bennett Hart |  The Shock Machine 
  • Sundiata Abdunafi | Hydraulic Power Project
  • Gabriel Moran | Testing Magnets and Liquids

Category: 4th Grade

  • Claire Muracco | Bacteria and Viruses
  • FIRST PLACE Winner: Harry Pfeiffer | Hand Sanitizer Vs. Soap