Jump into Reading Challenge

Charles Street School has been invited to participate in the 7th District's JUMP INTO READING CHALLENGE from October 4th to November 24th.

To participate in the challenge, you must be in grades 1-4 and have permission from your parent or guardian. Then, JUMP into READING as many books as possible from October 4th to November 24th

Every time you complete a book, you must fill out the attached log with the book title and date completed. The same book that is logged multiple times will only be counted once. Don’t forget to sign your log. Your parent/guardian and teacher must initial that you read each entry as well.

This is NOT a school-required event, but we are heartily supporting any of our interested students' participation. Any adult can “initial” the book. *This is not to be done only in school. Students are encouraged to read anywhere and everywhere!  We encourage them to read as much as possible at home.  

The top readers in each school (in the 7th District that is participating) will be given an award and a gift certificate for a FAMILY BOWLING EXPERIENCE at Laurel Lanes.