Mindful Monday

This Mindful Monday we are reminding you the importance of eating healthy.  Truly, this week, of all weeks, it is also about eating healthfully!  Many of our tables will be plentiful for Thanksgiving- reach for your favorites & remember to offset any indulgences with exercise.  Be sure to eat a balanced breakfast before watching the parades & football games on tv.  This will keep you from overeating because you are starved.  Choose the green snacks, the veggie trays, then feel reassured when you have a big helping of Gran Annie's mashed potatoes!  

Having trouble tickling a family member's healthy taste buds?  Try "10 Ways to Get Kids to Eat Healthy Food" on the education resource, fit.sanfordhealth.org.  

A side note to our Palmyra Families: we are #PalmyraProud of your support of our local scout troop's #ScoutingforFood, the Epworth Pantry, SRO Kendall's efforts and any other work that our students, staff and families have done to share the food and their own abundance, especially at this holiday time!  A mindful act of giving is so important.

As part of our District goals, we will continue to share mindful reminders from our SEL Toolbox. #BeingMindful #PalmyraStrong #MindfulMondaylove #MindfulHabits #MindfulDining #FamilyTable #LeagueofFITchampions #StayHealthy #KidsMove