Mindful Monday- hydration

This Mindful Monday we are emphasizing the importance of drinking water.  After the big weekend of eating, it is definitely time to allow water to help us digest and get rid of food!  Water can help you stay focused by delivering oxygen and other nutrients to your brain and other parts of your body.  Water BOOSTS your immunity by delivering white blood cells throughout the body and we all need as much immunity as we can get these days!

Helping your family identify the importance of water and preventing dehydration can be a true act of kindness.   Try "What are Your Kids Drinking?" for more info from the education resource, fit.sanfordhealth.org.  

The American Academy of Pediatrics has a very thorough article on "Choosing Water for Healthy Hydration" that includes signs of dehydration, hydrating for sports and why choosing water is the best drink for the whole family.

As part of our District goals, we will continue to share mindful reminders from our SEL Toolbox. #BeingMindful #PalmyraStrong #MindfulMondaylove #MindfulHabits #chooseWATER #LeagueofFITchampions #StayHealthy