March in like a LION & ROAR

In like a Lion----with the winds of the day---

Mindful Monday:  ROAR

Imitating the king of the jungle,  kids of all sizes & ages can relax & calm their emotions by letting out a giant roar.  Set the scene in your mind & imagine your great bravery as you let the other animals know you are the one in charge.  Of course, the ROAR shouldn't be used during a test, but it is a great way to finish one when your teacher coaches your class to do it!

The ROAR finds its roots in traditional yoga, this video from shows the traditional exercise.  This article from shares how the practice with kids can be directed & how it promotes emotional regulation and releases tension, particularly in the face and chest regions for anyone.

As part of our District goals, we will continue to share mindful reminders from our SEL Toolbox. #BeingMindful #PalmyraStrong #MindfulMondaylove #MindfulHabits