Mindful Choice to Single-Task

This Mindful Monday we will slow down & make the choice for clarity, we will choose to do just one thing at a time.

It’s human nature to try to do many things at once.  We call it multi-tasking and often take pride in our ability to do it.  But multi-tasking isn’t always the most productive away to do something.  Multi-tasking forces your brain to switch from one thing to another and back again.  These switches actually cause you to lose productivity and can also lead to health problems by raising your stress levels and blood pressure (click here for more information:  verywellmind)

Single-tasking not only improves productivity, it allows you to produce work of a higher quality.  Forbes Magazine says it will even make you smarter.  So check out some of the benefits of single-tasking and ideas for weaning yourself off multitasking at tameday.com.  Then go ahead and put “single-tasking” on your Spring Resolution list and start reaping the benefits!

As part of our District goals, we will continue to share mindful reminders from our SEL Toolbox. #BeingMindful #PalmyraStrong #MindfulMondaylove #MindfulHabits #MindfulTask