Mr. PHS event poster

With a 2-year hiatus, the anticipation is even greater for this year's MR. PHS!  This annual revue is a major event for PHS Student Council and everyone has a role in planning/executing the dazzling evening of entertainment!

Wednesday, May 25th in the tropical PHS Auditorium, our contestants will compete in the areas of Q&A, Formalwear, Swimwear, and of course, Talent!  These dedicated guys have given up their lunchtime for the past few weeks to work diligently on choreography with the ladies of the committee.  

Admission to the event is just $5 and will help our StuCo members with their annual charity as well as their need to attend Leadership Training (LTC) this summer! Remember to dress light, we keep it warm in our Auditorium!

Tickets will be available at the door- come see our guys out of their comfort zones and full of spirit! #