Call for nominations with stars for GEOY NJ program

Time to celebrate Palmyra's outstanding educators.  Every school in every New Jersey district is encouraged to participate in the Governor’s Educator of the Year (GEOY) program to honor the hardworking teachers and educational services professionals for their dedication to students and the profession.

Parents, Students, Alumni, Guardians, Coaches, in short: EVERYONE is welcome to share their thoughts on a nomination form for the Teacher of the Year and the Educational Services Professional of the Year.  The form is available in all the school backpacks and here.  NOMINATION FORMS MUST BE RETURNED to the Main Office (of any of the schools) by November 15th in order to be considered for this year's deliberation.

We would like to take this moment to congratulate the phenomenal professionals who achieved this honor last year and direct you to our new webpage sharing ALL of the former recipients of this honor here in our district.

2021-2022 School Year
  Ken Miller (PHS)     Maria Keefe (PMS)     Jennifer Allen (CSS)

 Educational Services Professionals:   Jennifer McCoy (PHS)     Amanda Fox (PMS)     Donna Aaronson (CSS)

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