Way to Go Palmyra Wrestling! For the first time in over 2 decades, the Palmyra High School Wrestling Team is host to a HOME PLAYOFF MATCH! This Monday, February 10th at 6pm in the PHS Gym vs. Spotswood. Let's all come out, support our Wrestlers & share our #PalmyraPride!
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the 2019/2020 PHS Wrestling Team
As National School Counseling Week continues, we share some more “counseling environments” that help to engage, soothe and motivate the students. Thank you to Mrs. Meredith Tenety-McGrath, the full-time guidance secretary and Ms. Kara Shore, our Middle School - 6th/ 7th/ 8th- Guidance Counselor.
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Ms Shores wall
Scatter Kindness is Ms McGrath’s mantra.
AND THE RESULTS ARE IN! Congratulations to the MATHLETES of PALMYRA! We are #PalmyraProud of all of your NJ MATH Championship efforts! 8th grade finished 9th out of 12 7th grade finished 6th out of 12 6th grade finished 12th out of 17 and 5th grade finished 9th out of 29!
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Our 5th Grades MATHLETES are competing this morning online in the NJ Math Championship! Bravo to Ms. Ehret’s team for their preparations ahead & patience while the other 28 schools logged in today!
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Such concentration
Talking it out!
Tough problems.
5th grade team!
Last, but not least, for the day: The 6th grade NJ Math Championship team competed! Great Job team! #PalmyraProud #PalmyraMIDDLESchool
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Mr. Bowen & the 6th grade team
Absorbing the question on screen
Here's our 7th Grade NJ Math Competition Team (MOST of them are Middle School Basketball too!) The did well & answered a number of questions 1st! Results for all will be shared by day's end. #PalmyraProud of our Mathletes! #palmyramiddleschool
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Post Competition Smiles
gearing up for the questions
concentrating on the problem
victorious smiles for the right answer
RIGHT NOW! Our 8th graders are participating in the NJ Math Championships! This is a VIRTUAL competition & later today the 7th grade & 6th grade will compete at different time slots. Tomorrow our 5th graders will be competing! Good Luck Mathletes! #PalmyraProud of your skills!
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Mathlete pride!
team starting up
what they see
Go team 8th grade!